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When you come as a patient:
We ask that you bring the following with you when you come.

  • All of your insurance cards
  • A signed script from your physician for your test or procedure, so your insurance company will provide coverage.
  • Someone to be with you and drive you home if necessary.
  • Any personal items you may need.

Outpatient services are provided 6:00AM to 6:00PM; Monday through Friday and from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Saturday for your convenience. The north entrance from military road provides easy access to the Outpatient Center. The Imaging Center and Women's Imaging Suite is located in the South (or front) entrance.


What are Hospital Outpatient Services?
Outpatient Services are tests or procedures done when you come to the Hospital. These tests are done to help your doctor diagnose or treat an illness.

Often for Laboratory Services, such as blood work, your doctor may obtain a specimen in his or her office and send the specimen to a Hospital lab for testing. When your doctor sends a specimen to the Hospital lab for the testing, the Hospital will bill your insurance for the services.

Why Has My Doctor Ordered Hospital Outpatient Testing?
Your doctor bases decisions about testing on a wide range of factors such as a personal medical history, medications you are currently taking and generally accepted medical practices. However it is possible that your insurance may not consider the testing to be medically necessary for patients with your condition or diagnosis.

How Does My Insurance or Medicare Determine Coverage of Hospital Outpatient Services?
Insurance and Medicare consider a number of factors in determining whether your testing will be paid including: purpose of the testing, length of time since the last testing of the same kind, and if the testing is considered medically necessary to help your doctor give you the best treatment for your condition. Based on these criteria, your insurance or Medicare may not cover the cost of a specific test and you will be asked to pay.

What is An Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN)?
In cases where you may be responsible for the cost of your Hospital outpatient testing, you should be advised of this and asked to sign a form called an Advanced Beneficiary Notice.

The purpose of the ABN is to give you advanced notice that Medicare may not pay for your testing. The ABN will indicate the charge and a space for you to sign that you agree to pay for testing if your insurance does not.



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