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at Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center

"For All the Seasons of Your Life"

We've Been Expecting You


  • We have a team of OB/GYNs located on-campus
  • We have private post-partum rooms
  • We do Epidurals and Urodynamic Testing
  • We are only 10 minutes from Wheatfield and Grand Island and just off Exit 25A of the I-190


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Every season of a woman's life brings special joys and challenges. From a young adult to middle age, motherhood to parenthood, single or married, menopause and beyond, we are here with the knowledge, care, help and support to make your journey healthier and happier.

As a progressive community hospital we offer you the latest in technology and services with hands on personal care that is second to none. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to the special needs of women in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We look forward to serving you during all the "Seasons of Your Life."

From serving you with your pregnancy to a wide array of services including Urodynamic testing, we have our new, bright facilities to address your needs.

Maryann Cogdill, RN, Director of Maternity Services

and the Staff of Women's Health Services

The miracle of life…The birth of a baby.

Few occasions in life are as joyful or as awe-inspiring. A new baby changes our lives in ways we never imagined - from learning to selflessly care for another, to seeing the world through the new life we've created.

At Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center we are honored to be a part of the life long memories you'll take with you.

Our maternity services have been especially designed for you and your new family. Our goal is to foster wonderful memories and to create a smooth transition to becoming a new parent and beyond.

Generations of Experience
For more than 100 years Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center has been helping new families get a wonderful start. Today we continue to offer personalized nursing care and state of the art technology to provide you and your newborn with the very best in maternity care.



Women's Maternity Services | The Family Birth Place | Family Education Classes | Caring for Mom | Caring for Baby

Women's Maternity Services

Choosing a physician
Board certified Obstetricians/Gynecologists are located on the Mount St. Mary's Hospital campus for your convenience. You may also choose our Neighborhood Health Center on Ninth Street in Niagara Falls for your women's health care needs.

Before pregnancy
It is recommended that you meet with your Obstetrician prior to becoming pregnant for a check-up and to start prenatal vitamins with folic acid to help prevent specific birth defects.

Prenatal Care
Early and regular prenatal care will help you stay healthy and your baby have the best possible start in life.

The Family Birth Place
Packing your suitcase

  • Labor_amp_Del_Room_2.jpgyour favorite pillow(s)
  • camera/ film
  • tape or CD player with favorite music
  • hand fan, lip balm
  • robe, slippers, bra, panties and socks
  • toiletries
  • going home clothes for mom-loose and comfy as normal clothes won't fit just yet
  • Clothes for baby- undershirt or one piece body t-shirt, socks or booties, sleeper or outfit, hat, and blanket(s) depending on weather
  • Car seat
  • Keep your gas tank full!!

Our Birthing Suites - A Comfortable Setting

Birthing_Suite.jpgOur team of skilled and certified nurses and other health professionals are experienced in providing you and your baby with superior medical care. Our beautifully designed and furnished birthing suites offer moms a comfortable place to labor, deliver and recover. Located on the 2nd floor, our suites offer the safety and size of a traditional delivery room in a warm, relaxed and home- like setting. They include:

  • Televisions, radios, phones
  • Water massage showers
  • Special birthing beds with an inflatable lumbar section for extra back support
  • For your comfort during labor, a variety of analgesics and anesthetic choices are available, including epidural anesthesia.
  • A c-section suite is also conveniently located on the Maternity Unit for elective caesarean births

After the Baby Comes

After_Baby.JPGAfter a short time in recovery, mom will be moved to a private room, with shower, at no extra cost on the maternity unit. They offer:

  • Television and phones
  • Fathers have unlimited visitation
  • General visiting hours for family and friends from 12 p.m. - 8 p.m. All visitors must be at least 14 years old (except for siblings of the new baby) and must be free of infection or illness
  • Special "Big Brother- Big Sister" program to help welcome your newborn into the family
  • Special safety and security program for you and your newborn. All doors to the department are monitored by camera and locked 24 hours. Visitors are required to report to the nurses station to be screened prior to entering the Family Birthplace
  • A breastfeeding educator is available for the support and education of the nursing mom and baby
  • Paper work for birth certificate and social security number

Baby's First Nursery
Nursery-WomensCenter.jpgYour time in the hospital offers you and your baby an opportunity to get to know each other, Therefore, we encourage you to interact with your baby as much as possible. The more time you spend together, the more comfortable you'll both feel when you go home.

  • All nursing staff are certified in Neonatal Advanced Life support
  • Modified rooming-in allows mom and baby to remain together as desired
  • Complimentary digital photos of your newborn that we will e-mail to you to send to family and friends
  • Hearing screening for newborns

Family Education Classes

Classes for the whole family
Giving birth is only the beginning of becoming a parent. To help families make a smooth transition to parenthood, we offer a unique array of education programming which include:

Expectant Parents - classes are offered frequently throughout the year as either a five-part evening series or a one-day class. Call 298-2618 or 298-2385 to register.(link to expectant parents class schedule ). Topics covered include:

  • Have a Healthy Pregnancy
  • Labor ,Birth and Coping techniques
  • Caesarean Birth and Recovery
  • Infant Care
  • Breastfeeding

Sibling Preparation
'Let's Celebrate Big Brother- Big Sister." This special class is designed to help children, ages 3-10, understand the concept of a newborn. (Monthly) Call 298-2145 to register.

Grandparents - in waiting
A "refresher" course for grandparents to be, this class covers all the basics of infant care and grand parenting. (Quarterly) Call 298-2145 to register.

Post Partum Breastfeeding Classes and Counseling
Learn about the early weeks of breast-feeding, expressing and storing milk, nutrition and weight loss, and returning to work. Babies are welcome. (Monthly) Call 298-2296 to register.

Fertility Care - Natural Family Planning
Learn how contemporary methods of family planning can help couples accurately identify times of fertility and infertility. The Creighton Model Fertility Care ™ System is a safe, reliable means to either achieve or avoid pregnancy and often can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and other gynecological problems. (Monthly) Call 298-2296 to register.

Caring for Mom

After childbirth
With all of the excitement of bringing new baby home from the hospital, sometimes mom can find herself lost in the shuffle, especially if other children are at home. Baby's needs and concerns come first, only then can mom relax enough to tend to her own needs. But to best care for a new baby, mom must also take care of herself with a proper diet, exercise, and emotional well being. Let others help with the laundry, cooking and housework.

Diet and Nutrition -"You are what you eat"
A healthy well balanced diet is just as important now as during pregnancy, plus nursing moms require extra calories for milk production.

  • Fruits
  • veggies
  • lean meats
  • dairy products
  • lots of fluids

The above will help in a slow steady weight loss. Snack foods, desserts and sodas will keep those pounds on. It is a good idea to continue to take a daily multiple vitamin.

Let's Get Physical
Getting some exercise everyday not only helps take the weight off, but also tones muscles and gives you a sense of health and well-being, No one looks thin and shapely just after giving birth - it takes time and exercise to reduce that tummy and other problem areas. Simple exercise such as head lifts, stretching, pelvic tilts and Kegals are great during the early days. Walking is a good for mom, dad, baby and the entire family.

The Blues and Postpartum depression
Along with the other physical affects after birth, you may notice that changing hormones are causing emotional changes as well. Weepiness, fatigue, and feeling overwhelmed are common and normal in the days or weeks following delivery. Resting more, exercising and going out will help. If the blues last more than two weeks or your symptoms are severe consult your physician.

Body Check
Your body went through some tremendous changes during pregnancy and the birth of your child. It needs some healing tike to get back to normal. Usually by six weeks (eight weeks after a cesarean birth) you will feel more like yourself again as discomforts of stitches, cramping, sore breasts and fatigue gradually disappear. Pampering yourself and taking time to be a couple again will speed up the recovery process.

Caring for Baby

Caring_for_Baby.jpgAlways put your baby in a federally approved car safety seat. Infants under one year and up to 20 lbs. Must face the rear of vehicle. The safest spot is in the middle of the back seat - never in the front seat with airbags. Never leave a baby or children alone in a car.


  1. Put baby to sleep on his/her back or side on a firm mattress.
  2. Be sure crib bars are no more than 2-3/8" apart so baby cannot get caught in bars
  3. Always keep crib sides up
  4. Install a working smoke alarm on every level of your home
  5. Baby-proof your home
  6. Prepare your pets for baby's arrival. Do not leave baby alone with pets or preschool children
  7. Never leave a baby or young child unattended in a bath


  1. Schedule frequent visits with baby's doctor/clinic. Make sure baby receives immunizations on schedule
  2. Do not smoke or allow smoking around your baby
  3. Never shake a baby or throw him/her in the air. This can causes brain damage or blindness
  4. Your baby will be comfortable in temperatures that you are, so do not overdress him/her


  1. Keep baby out of the sun and do not use sunscreen until baby is over six months old
  2. Infants should wear lightweight clothing to prevent exposure to sun's rays. Also consider baby sunglasses
  3. Remember that strollers, car seats and buckles can become very hot. Cover them when exposed to sunlight


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