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Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center Is proud to bring you


EmStar - Medical Emergency Care 

EmStar. For life's Emergencies.
For nearly 100 years we have been providing you and your family with high quality compassionate health care. EmStar is our new offering in Emergency Care. Our EmStar team has one priority and that is to provide you and your family with high quality personal emergency care and comfort when you need it most.

Location: Just off the New York State Thruway I-190 North, exit 25A at the intersection of Military and Upper Mountain Roads. Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center is easily accessible from all directions (see our web site for printed directions). We have a safe campus with plenty of free parking. Bus routes stop at our door.


When times are critical...
EmStar features the latest in Emergency Department design and technology:

  • Separate entrances for ambulance delivered and walk-in patients
  • Triage area
  • Fourteen patient treatment rooms
  • Dedicated monitored treatment rooms
  • A specially trained EmStar team of health care professionals care for you and your family
  • Central nurses' station that allows for enhanced patient visibility
  • Diagnostic Imaging (x-ray) suite in the EmStar unit for more timely diagnostic information
  • EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) area

Personal Care is important...

  • An EmStar greeter is available to help with your special concerns
  • Bright, spacious waiting rooms with restrooms and telephones are available in EmStar
  • Bedside registration
  • Enhanced patient privacy, confidentiality and accessibility for your comfort and peace of mind
  • A private Family Consultation Room to meet with the physician and staff
  • Chaplains and a Patient Advocate are available to help in any situation

Visiting an emergency department may not be an enjoyable experience. However, we believe that we can make your experience a better one by explaining how EmStar operates.

What to expect in the Emergency Department:
In an emergency department, it is extremely important that the most acutely ill and injured be seen first.

Triage: Upon your arrival at EmStar, you will be seen by a Registered Nurse who will evaluate your condition. You will be asked the reason for your visit, your medical history, including any medications you are currently on and any known allergies. The triage assessment will determine the order in which you receive care.

Registration: At some point during your stay, a registration representative will gather information to complete your medical record, such as address, telephone number and health insurance information. At no time will this delay your care and treatment.

Medical Screening Examination: EmStar will provide to you within the capabilities of Mount St. Mary's staff and facilities, an appropriate medical screening examination. The purpose of the medical screening examination is to determine if you are suffering from an emergency medical condition. You will receive these services regardless of your medical insurance or ability to pay.

Why am I waiting?: Every effort is made to provide prompt care. There are a variety of reasons why you may have to wait. Other patients may be treated ahead of you due to their condition. You may be waiting for results of blood tests or x-rays. You may be waiting for your primary doctor or specialist to call regarding your care. If you are admitted, you may be waiting for an available bed. If you are unaware of the reason for your wait, please ask any member of the EmStar staff. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Visiting: We encourage you to visit your loved ones while they are in EmStar. We ask that you limit visitors to two per patient. Emergency treatment requires space to operate efficiently. There may be times when visitation is restricted so we can care for our patients.

Discharge Instructions: It is very important that you understand and follow these directions. If you do not, please ask the Nurse. Patients are responsible for their own care after they leave the emergency department. Patients should arrange for follow-up appointments as directed in their discharge instructions.

Leaving before you are seen: If you have been waiting a long time, you may think about leaving before your medical screening examination. You certainly have the right to do this, but we strongly discourage it. Leaving EmStar before receiving your medical screening examination may pose a threat to your health or life. Please do not make this decision out of frustration. If you are considering leaving, please ask to speak to a member of the EmStar staff.

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