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... Assisting faith communities in promoting health and spiritual healing.

What is Mount St. Mary's Parish Nurse Program?

A Partnership
Mount St. Mary's Parish Nurse Program is a partnership between Mount St. Mary's and local religious congregations in Western Niagara County. The program is non- denominational and open to all practicing faiths.

Promotes Health and Wellness
It is a lay ministry designed to promote health and wellness. Parish Nursing provides ways for parish leadership to help their congregations recognize and address their health as well as spiritual needs.

Resources, Education and Guidance
The hospital's Parish Nurse Program Coordinator, assists faith communities in establishing and maintaining their own Parish Nurse Program that will compassionately and effectively address the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of their congregation.

What are the Goals of Mount St. Mary's Parish Nurse Program?

  • To enhance our community's quality of life by helping to improve the health and spiritual well being of members of various congregations.
  • To emphasize wellness and preventive medicine.
  • To empower people to take control of their own health care.
  • To promote health and spiritual healing within faith communities.

How Does a Congregation Benefit?
Parish Nursing links church life with everyday life. It communicates outreach and caring. It is based on the belief that people who are cared for will care for others. Healthy People = Healthy Parish.

What Does the Parish Nurse Program Coordinator Do?
Mount St. Mary's Parish Nurse Program Coordinator provides congregations with resources, education and guidance. The Coordinator:

  • Assists in identifying congregational needs.
  • Assists in establishing a needs - based parish nurse program.
  • Assists in identifying a nurse for/in each congregation
  • Assists in providing health education programs to meet identified needs.
  • Provides ongoing resources and guidance once the program has been established.

What will a Parish Nurse Program Be Like in My Congregation?
Just as every faith community is unique, so too is every Parish Nurse Program. It is developed in response to the identified needs of the congregation. For some it might be education programs, for others ministry to the homebound. The possibilities are endless. Parish Nursing is a health and healing ministry of the congregation that addresses the mind, body, and spirit of its members.

Who is the Parish Nurse?
The Parish Nurse is a licensed Registered Nurse who is a member of the ministerial team in a faith community. The nurse facilitates the holistic health of the congregation. They work with health care providers and social service agencies to coordinate services for congregation members. They act as a:
Health educator, Health counselor, Referral agent, Facilitator, Advocate

What Parish Nursing is Not!
The Parish Nurse program does not duplicate other nursing or medical services in the community. It does not include performing direct or hands on health care to congregation members.

How Can Our Congregation Begin a Parish Nursing Program?
We are here to help. For more information about establishing a Parish Nurse Program in your congregation call Barbara A. Malinowski, MSN, RN, Parish Nurse Program Coordinator at (716) 298-2474.

Our Mission

Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center, sponsored by Ascension Health shares in the loving ministry of Jesus as healer.

We are committed to sustain and improve the health and spirit of individuals and communities with special attention to the needs of those who are poor and vulnerable.

Through our action and words, we strive to create a just and compassionate health care environment by providing quality care in a personal manner with total regard for individual human dignity.

Core Values
Service to the Poor, Reverence, Integrity, Wisdom, Creativity, Dedication

Our Parish Nurse Program is a response to this commitment.

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